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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services | Air Duct Cleaning Oceanside, CA

What Taints The Air Quality?

There is a range of factors that can take their toll on how decent the air of your home is. Dust and dirt alone brought in with air to disperse through your home builds up in the ducts and contaminates the air as it passes through. Mold may also be present in the ducts or elsewhere and have its spores spread, which can be dangerous if inhaled. Insects and rodents sometimes like to make themselves at home there, and the waste from both can pollute the air and irritate allergies. Smoking of course can have a massive negative effect, and one that sticks around longer than most might think. Even pet dander can drag down the quality if left to accumulate over time!

Is It Really Important?

Smog is probably worse than anything going on in your home, right? Unfortunately, this may not be the case. If the aforementioned factors are left to continue to take their toll on the air of your home, it could get as bad, if not worse, as anything you might find outdoors. Those with allergies will be struggling with symptoms like watery eyes even indoors, and even overall healthy individuals can suffer from fatigue from it. Children and the elderly are at risk for issues breathing, as are anyone who already has conditions related to it like asthma.

Fast & Effective Services

Our professionals can help you get to the bottom of what's causing the air quality in your home to suffer in no time with an air quality test! Not only will it let you know how good or poor it is, it tells you specifics about what exactly is contaminating the air so you can do something about it. Air duct cleanings is also a great way to clear out substances trapped in the ducts and tainting the air as is comes through. Contact Air Duct Cleaning Oceanside now and let us get your air fresh again!


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