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Is It Really Important?

When there are so many tasks to handle as a homeowner, you may wonder if an air duct cleaning is really worth it in the long run. However, for the health of you and anyone in your home, it is! Your ducts can serve as a dark, secluded place for mold to begin growing, particularly if moisture is able to get inside. Not only will a mold infestation eat away at your home itself, but it's spores are dangerous if breathed in. This is a near certainty if it's located into your ducts, as it can easily contaminate the air as it passes through to be spread into your home. Even if mold isn't present, the dust and dirt alone can do a number on those with allergies or breathing troubles like asthma and worsen these issues over time if the air is left to continue.

Symptoms To Look For

There are some quick and easy ways to check as to whether your ducts could use some clearing out or not! Take note of the health of yourself and those in your home, particularly if they're feeling more fatigued than usual or having issues breathing. These troubles may be the most prevalent in children and older people. Strong allergy symptoms indoors are also an indication that allergens and other substances are being dispersed in your air thanks to dirty ducts. You may also take a look around and in your home's vents for both signs of dust build up as well as mold, which usually presents as discoloration.  Noticing a mildew smell coming from the vents points to this as well.

We'll Take Care Of Everything

No matter if it's mold or simply dust, we'll be able to get it all cleaned and clear again in no time so you and your family can breathe easier! We use the finest tools available to make sure the work lasts.

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