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Looking for expert advice on how to maintain your air duct and ensure it continues to work effectively for years into the future? This helpful FAQ page sheds light on many of the most common cancers. Scroll down and learn more about it.

How long does air duct cleaning take?

Our professional technicians will approach each situation differently, according to the nature of your HVAC system. The assessment of your particular situation will also determine how long it will take us to clean your air ducts. For example, the number of air ducts, the extent of contamination, and the manpower of our team all affect the service duration. We will do our best to clean your system promptly and efficiently.

Is mold growth a serious problem?

If your HVAC system shows signs of mold, for example, if there is visible mold growth along the interior surfaces of your air ducts, the issue must be addressed ASAP. Mold can produce toxins and allergens that trigger short term allergic reactions in some people and even asthmatic reactions. Long-term exposure to low levels of mold also increases chances of permanent chemical sensitivity to certain environmental compounds.

What is the best way to clean the condenser unit?

Start by removing the debris and vacuuming all sections. Be extra careful when vacuuming the fins, starting from the top down. Washing fins is also important. It’s important to use a solution that is both safe and potent. Remember that the best way to rinse them is to use the garden hose and keep the pressure medium. Avoid using a pressure washer.


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